Is Padalka Guitars a serial manufacturer, or a custom-shop?
Most of the instruments are preordered and handcrafted by Simon Padalka.
All stages, from drawing and machining wood blanks to the final assembly and tuning are done in our workshop in Krasnodar. We use hi-quality parts: Hipshot and Schaller hardware, Jescar frets, boutique pickups etc. You can choose your own specs for your order: woods, hardware, pickups and a number of other characteristics. Body shapes and headstocks are defined and presented on the website.

What is the average price?
Usually customers choose specs, which make a total price about 2000-2500 USD
Complex and highly individual instruments, with rare exotic woods may cost up to 3500 USD and more.

To get an approximate price and see available options, you can download the automatic calculation form. It requires Microsoft Excel 2011 or later. Enable macros when open the file.

How to order from you?
We are not taking new orders at the moment. The queue will be reopened in the second part of 2017

When this time comes, please fill  order form and send them to us for further discussion. (padalkaguitars@gmail)

Order Form – Superstrats
Order Form – Headless
Order Form – Ennea Bass

If your wishes coincide with our abilities, we will accept your order.

How to step in the line?
If you chose available options, you satisfied with an approximate price and building time, you can take a place in the line by making an initial installment (100 USD). We will define the time when the building will start and finish.
If later you decide to cancel the order, the initial installment will not be refunded.

How do we discuss details of my order?
If you plan to use some exotic woods, which we don’t have in stock, it should be paid and ordered beforehand.
If this instrument will be made of woods from our stock, you can reserve some pieces.

About 2 months before the start of building we will discuss any undecided details, make a drawing, a mockup and calculate the final quote.

What is the installment plan?
First you pay 100 USD as an initial installment. We define the building time and give your order a serial number.
After final discussion and calculation of the final quote, you pay 50%, but no less than the cost of hardware and woods.
The rest you pay when the instrument is complete.

Do you make lefty guitars and basses?
Yes, every model could be made in a lefty version.

What is the building time?
Guitars with satin finish — 4 months
Guitars with gloss finish — 5 months
Headless models (Saturn, Neptune) — 5 months
Neck-through instruments — 5 months
Basses and Ennea models — 6 months

What happens during the building process? Will I receive pictures?
We are taking pictures of the most important phases of the building process.
We’ll send them to you by email. It will happen once or twice a month, depending on the current phase of the process.
When instrument is almost complete we post an album with all these photos.

The final photo-shoot will be published after instrument is complete.

How do you ship guitars? What will be included in the package?
We ship instruments in a rigid shipment packing. It is a box made of high-density Expanded Polystyrene (XPS), covered with 3mm HDF sheets.
If you want a hard-shell or soft case, check individually for its availability.

The package will include:
a warranty
wrenches for hardware and truss rod (except the case of a spoke-wheel truss rod nut)
strap locks (if they were included in specifications)

We can also include:
the original pickup package
Padalka Guitars t-shirt
a set of strings

Do you ship worldwide? How much is it?
We ship guitars worldwide by EMS-post. It will be delivered by your local postal service.
Usually it cost 60-100 USD, depending on the weight of the package and your country.

Do you have in-stock instruments?
Sometimes we make instruments for sale.
Visit the website or contact us by e-mail to check.

I invented my own body/headstock shape. Can you build it for me?
No. We build only instruments designed by us.

Do you make replicas?
No. We don’t see any point in making instruments, which already exist. We are not interested in it.

I have some woods/hardware. Can you use it to build my guitar?
No. We select woods scrupulously and can guarantee the quality of our product only when it is made of our wood. The same goes for hardware. It is chosen and ordered for each instrument individually. Mostly we order hardware directly from the manufacturer.

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